Before we get into the nuts and bolts or even the whys and hows, we’d like to take a minute to introduce ourselves. We, Kyle and Kate, are both Orlando residents and UCF graduates around 30 years old… Kate just turned 30 in August and she’s having a hard time with it. We really enjoy traveling and spend most of our free time and money doing just that.

A couple of years ago we decided to do a road trip to visit some of our friends that had spread out across the US. The van we had at the time wound up not being as mechanically sound as we had hoped, so we had to do some reconfiguring. We flew across the country and took trains to a few cities and another plane back home. We saw a lot but we missed so much more. Recently we both got online gigs and after some serious discussion on how feasible it would be to take to the open road we made our decision to roam.

We adopted Morty, the sweet 88’ Ford Econoline – came up with some must haves, and started building. Our number one consideration was work. Without money, you’re just living in a van down by a river and still neglecting the forests, mountains, and oceans. So as long as we have the internet, we are good to go. We added a mifi connection to our phone plan, plus we have them on our phones. We also know we will have to be places we can access the internet like coffee shops and libraries during the week.

Another big consideration is our dog, Miss Molly Meatball. She’s an English Bulldog and they are high maintenance as hell. If you don’t know, now you know. So air conditioning pretty much all the time and classy enough digs for Meatball has been a big concern.

Kyle is gonna super nerd out on the nitty gritty of the buildout in another post because its really helpful to get ideas and learn from other people. We watched tons of Youtube videos, van bloggers, and instagrammers to see how they designed their builds before we started on ours. It took us (mostly Kyle, ok totally Kyle) 4 months to do the build out, electrical, water system, etc.. Then it was time to breakup with real life.

We planned our departure at the end of our lease which worked out well. We sold our unimportant possessions, got a storage unit for our favorite things, and squeezed all the must haves into Morty. We left all of our family and friends, our favorite places and comfort in general. Now it’s time to begin our Vantastic Voyage.