Grand Tetons

It was late afternoon by the time we got all of our “hit the road affairs” in order. We usually make sure we fill our water storage, have two full tanks of gas, groceries, and snacks before we set out … Read More

Badlands: Gateway to the West

After covering 800 miles of flat prairie land from Milwaukee, the Badlands come up on the horizon out of nowhere like a strange fata morgana. They’re glorious. Approaching them, we felt like we were crossing an invisible gateway into that … Read More

A Word on Power Inverters

After having issues with both of our modified sine wave power inverters, we recently upgraded to a single pure sine wave inverter. You can find more detailed information on the difference between modified sine wave inverters and pure sine wave … Read More

Life and Travel in a Van | Q&A

We asked our friends on social media if they had any questions for us about life and travel in a van and this is what we got back. Thanks so much for for helping us out! We did our best … Read More

Chicago with Friends and Family

We entered Chicago from the South side. For those of you that aren’t familiar, this is the part of the city that has earned Chicago the affectionate nickname “Ch-Iraq” with it’s staggering crime rate. We were due for showers so … Read More

Headed North to Detroit

We got back on the road after Nashville and after some serious discussion about the route we would take to meet Kyle’s mom and brother in Chicago, we decided to head straight for Detroit. Although this wasn’t a popular decision … Read More

Tennessee | Chattanooga and Nashville

Chattanooga Our first stop in Tennessee was Chattanooga. We arrived late in the afternoon, drove around a bit and finally found a nice little area to park the van. The thing about being 9+ feet tall is that you can’t … Read More

Atlanta: Hills and Valleys

Our good friends Ryan and Viviana live in Atlanta, so just one week into our travels we took a break from vanlife and enjoyed staying in their beautiful apartment in Midtown for the weekend. On the way there, however, we had … Read More